Our research activities include practice-led and basic research on art and design related topics. The work is carried out in the context of doctoral studies as well as within multi-disciplinary projects.

Talented scholars can conduct their own independent research on topics related to our areas of inquiry. The department has 66 students pursuing Doctor of Arts degrees in graphic design, new media, and photography. Since 1991 there have been 29 dissertations completed.

Department of Media research blog


Research and Doctoral Education


All the results in research can be found in Acris



Research Contact Persons

Department's Head of Research, Professor Lily Díaz-Kommonen (Media Lab), lily.diaz [at] aalto [dot] fi
tel. +358 40 7256 925

Professor Masood Masoodian (Visual Communication Design), masood.masoodian [at] aalto [dot] fi,
tel. +358 50 3277 608

Professor Merja Salo (Photography), merja.salo [at] aalto [dot] fi
tel. +358 50 5855 238


Research in Media Lab

Research Groups

Game Research Group

The game research group is led by prof.Perttu Hämäläinen, who joined Aalto in 2012 after a six-year period as the CTO of Virtual Air Guitar Company (e.g., Kung-Fu Live and Kung-Fu High Impact). Hämäläinen’s professorship and the research group are divided 50/50 between Aalto’s department of Computer Science (School of Science) and the department of Media (School of Arts, Design & Architecture).

Games are a multidisciplinary field, and our research interests include physics simulation, procedural animation, control optimization, AI, full-body human-computer interaction, virtual and augmented realities, games and learning. The group has contributed in particular to exergame design (games and systems that aim to motivate physical exercise and teach movement skills, e.g., the Augmented Climbing Wall) and movement AI of physically based simulated characters or “active ragdolls”.

Contact: perttu.hamalainen [at] aalto [dot] fi

Learning Environments Research Group

The Learning Environments Research Group (short name: LeGroup) is involved in research, design and development of New Media tools, as well as their use and application, in the field of learning. The group has collaborated in, generated and coordinated several research and development projects at national, Nordic and European levels.

The research group was founded in 1998 when the Media Lab launched its initiative on future learning environments in cooperation with the Centre for Research on Networked Learning and Knowledge Building at the University of Helsinki. Since then the group has collaborated in, generated and coordinated several research and development projects at national, Nordic and European levels.

Research topics:
Computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL)
Information and communication technology (ICT) in learning (PCs,PDAs, mobile phones etc.)
ICT in creative group work and design
ICT in empowerment through learning
Learning environments enhanced with technology.

The group's approach to research and design of New Media and learning is theory-based but design-oriented. This means that besides the academic research papers the outcomes of the group are often software systems, software prototypes, applications and scenarios. The group's works are based on the social constructivist theory that sees learning as a participation in social processes of knowledge construction. Members of the group come from very different backgrounds covering education, computer science and design, but they all share the same pedagogical thinking.

Teemu Leinonen, Professor, Director of the group, teemu.leinonen [at] aalto [dot] fi

Systems of representation

The group researches and studies the role of representation and how it is used in the creation of meaningful cultural artifacts.

The work focuses on the following areas:
• Digital heritage
• Visualization methods and tools, especially digital cartography, cybercartography and ontology design and implementation
• 3D user interface design.

Current projects:
• Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 World Fair in Paris, 2007 to the present.
• Discovering Vrouw Maria, 2011-2012
• Design Fest, 2011-2012?
• Museum Laboratory (Muse Lab), Organizational stage.

Lily Díaz, Professor, Director of the group, lily.diaz [at] aalto [dot] fi

Sound and Physical Interaction

Sound and Physical Interaction research group (SOPI) is focusing on sound and its emerging role in New Media practices. SOPI research group deals with digital sound in more aesthetically engaging forms. The group is interested in the research and implementation of sound design together with physical interaction practices on various levels to advance their roles and impact in the future of media and interactive art. The research group combines the knowledge in Sonic Interaction and expertise in Interactive Art/Music. SOPI research group aims to broaden this focus by collaboration at a national and an international level.

The scope of the SOPI research group includes all aspects of computational analysis, synthesis and processing as applied to sound in New Media practices; communication, audio-visual production, computer music and interactive art.

SOPI research focus areas include but not limited to;

- Multimodal Interfaces

- Physical Interaction

- Mobile Music

- Embodied approaches to Sonic Interaction

- Participatory Music Experience

- Computational Models for Audiovisual Performances


M.Koray Tahiroğlu, Director of the group, tel: +358 45 233 627 koray.tahiroglu [at] aalto [dot] fi


Former Research Groups at Media Lab, Aalto ARTS


Crucible Studio explores, defines and creates new forms of storytelling in dialogue with new media and traditions of drama. Founded in 2002, the research studio is situated between the Media Lab and Media Centre Lume of School of Arts, Design and Architecture, which provides a unique environment where professionally equipped and maintained production facilities are linked with a content-led, practice-based and multidisciplinary research group.


Crucible Studio participates in Practice Based Research productions, which combine state-of-the-art expertise of design, drama, and technology. Crucible Studio’s goal is to achieve deeper emotional experiences in the interactive media and to create production methods to develop content and technology simultaneously in the multi-talented teams of artists, designers, scientists and technology experts.

Crucible Studio was established to respond to the apparent need of story-based, emotionally rich contents of high-quality new media products and co-operation between the experts in arts, technology and design.


For more information, visit You can also contact Pia Tikka (group leader).


The ARKI group (1996-2016) focused on how everyday life changed as it became more digital. 

Two main directions of the group's interest were:
- how can people design and be in control of their own life and its circumstances with various digital means
- how can new digital forms of media better serve the interests of people and help the society to think and evolve in a positive direction.

To understand the developments, ARKI studied digital practices and ecosystems, and was involved in the collaborative design of new tools and practices with various communities and other university and industry partners and international networks. ARKI was a multidisciplinary group, launched in 1996 which worked on a number of research and design projects, funded by TEKES, Finnish Academy and the EU until its closure in August 2016 as part of cutbacks at Aalto University brought about by financial circumstances that arose as a direct result of the Finnish government’s decisions to impose massive financial cuts on the nation’s higher education sector.

Earlier published detailed information about the group and its activities:

The ARKI group’s director was Kari-Hans Kommonen kari-hans.kommonen [at] aalto [dot] fi


Research in Photography

Research activities at the unit of Photography focus on doctoral studies. There are 20 doctoral students and the unit has produced 10 doctors since 1997. Aalto-Taik ́s first dissertation with an artistic sector came from the Photography unit in 1998.


•  Merja Salo 1997: Signs of Pleasure, Danger and Warning. The first doctoral dissertation published as a cd-rom in Finland.
•  Taneli Eskola 1998: Water Lilies and Wings of Steel. The first doctoral thesis with an artistic sector in Finland.
•  Harri Laakso 2003:Valokuvan tapahtuma and Mika Elo 2005: Valokuvan medium, opening the theoretical research of Photography.

•  Ten Doctors of Arts since 1997, four of them with artistic sector: Taneli Eskola 1998; Kristoffer Albrecht 2001: Creative Reproduction & Metropol (photobook); Juha Suonpää 2002: Petokuvan raadollisuus; Petri Anttonen 2005: Touch of Time.

Research areas

•  Photography as a research object.
Theoretical and empirical studies of photography. Marko Karo, Iina Kohonen, Hanna Weselius, Yrjö Tuunanen, Antti Ahlström. (doctoral students in 2011).

•  Photography as a research tool or method. Social projects using photography. Päivi Setälä, Liisa
Söderlund .

•  Photography as a research result.
Artistic research. Marjaana Kella, Ari Kakkinen, Harri Pälviranta, Pekka Luukkola, Ismo Luukkonen.

Research group

Media Aesthetics is a new research group at Aalto University, Department of Media. It focuses on theoretical and artistic research concerning interrelations of aesthetics, media and sense experience. More specific focus is set on media theoretical questions related to the heterogeneous field of photographic media.

Future vision

The Helsinki School of photographic studies, international center attracting both Finnish and foreign DA students and researchers.

Helsinki Photomedia ONE – conference 28.-30.3.2012. Startup for a regular international photography research conference to be held in Helsinki every two years. Payment: 100e/participant.


Research in Visual Communication Design


Visual Communication Design Research

Visual Communication Design Research Group within the Department of Media focuses on graphic design and visual communication research in societies and media. It was founded in 2010 when the Department of Media was established by emerging three units: Graphic Design, Media Lab and Photography.

Research topics of the doctoral candidates include visual culture and narratives, information design, emerging practices and techniques in creative industries. These topics are investigated from the sites of design processes and production, media artefacts and their reception in societies.



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Tammi, Riitta 2016. Engaging with media in the fragmented media environment. Using multiple methods to discover elements of media engagement. Helsinki: Aalto ARTS Books.


Professor Masood Masoodian, zachary.dodson [at] aalto [dot] fi (m)masood.masoodian [at] aalto [dot] fi (


Graduated Doctors of Arts 1991-2018


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Makkonen Pekka: Camera Pixela. Ammattilaisten näkemyksiä valokuvauksen digitalisoitumisesta

Scheible Jürgen: Empowering Mobile Art Practice – A Recontextualization of Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing                  

Villi Mikko: Visual Mobile Communication. Camera Phone Photo Messages as Ritual Communication and Mediated Presence

Lankoski Petri: Character-Driven Game Design: A Design Approach and Its Foundations in Character Engagement  

Leinonen Teemu: Designing Learning Tools. Methodological Insights


Salgado Mariana: Designing for an Open Museum: An Exploration of Content Creation and Sharing through Interactive Pieces

Rantavuo Heli: Connecting Photos: A Qualitative Study of Cameraphone Photo Use


Tahiroglu Koray: Interactive Performance Systems: Experimenting with Human Musical Interaction

Seliger Marja: Katujen galleriat - ulkomainonnan visuaalista retoriikkaa Helsingissä vuosina 2004-2005


Goryunova Olga: Art Platforms. The Constitution of Cultural and Artistic Currents on the Internet.

Heikkilä, Tapio: Visuaalinen maisemaseuranta. Visual monitoring of Finnish landscapes.


Anttonen Petri: Valokuvauksen normaalin aikakäsityksen problematisointi

Elo Mika: Valokuvan medium

Raike Antti: Löytäjät. Viittomakielisten opiskelijoiden yhteisöllinen verkko-opiskelu elokuvatietämyksen kehittämiseksi


Laakso Harri: Valokuvan tapahtuma


Diaz-Kommonen Lily: Art, Artifact Production. Design Research and Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Suonpää Juha: Petokuvan raadollisuus. Valokuvatodellisuuden sosiaalinen rakentuminen


Jääskeläinen Kari: Strategic Questions in the Development of Interactive Television Programs

Albrecht Kristoffer: Creative Reproduction. A Practical Study on Ink-printed Photographs, their History of Production and Aesthetic Identity


Räty Veli-Pekka: Pelien leikki. Lasten tietokonepelien suunnittelusta sekä käytöstä erityisesti vammaisten lasten kuntoutuksessa


Salo Merja: Nautinnon, vaaran ja varoituksen merkit. Vertaileva tutkimus Suomessa julkaistun painetun savukemainonnan ja tupakan vastapropagandan kuvista.

Eskola, Taneli: Water Lilies and Wings of Steel. Teräslintu ja lumpeenkukka. + Kuva-Aulanko revisited.


Hovi-Wasastjerna Päivi: Mainoskuva Suomessa, kehitys ja vaikutteet 1890-luvulta 1930-luvun alkuun



Publications and exhibitions 2015



Publications and exhibitions 2014


Department of Media

Aalto University, School of Art and Design




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